Somewhat Literate

by Retirement Party

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released May 25, 2018



Somewhat Literate was written by Avery Springer, Nick Cartwright, James Ringness, and Eddy Rodriguez.
Recorded and mixed by Adrian “Tone Wolf” Kobziar at Wall of Sound
Mastered by Zach Weeks
Album artwork by Natalie Alicia
Layout/Design by Marcus Nuccio

Retirement Party would like to thank everyone who has supported our little band. Thanks for booking us, letting us sleep on your floor, coming out to shows and listening to our music. None of this would be able to happen without you! Also big shoutout to Reggae Night at Subterranean. Without your Thursday evening DJ sets, this record may have not been written.


all rights reserved



Retirement Party Chicago, Illinois

party rockers from the windy city


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Track Name: That's How People Die
Thats How People Die

I think cancers gonna kill me
cause I got a real bad sunburn when I was 13
Couldn’t sit in a classroom chair for at least a week

Maybe I shouldn’t have fallen asleep
in that hot hot sun without a little bit of sunscreen
don’t let this reflect too badly on my character

I think a car is gonna kill me cause I ride my bike consistently throughout the city
and we all know, its only so long before you get hit
but on that idea, I’m getting more used to it

I don’t care to think about it twice
maybe I should just be a little more kind
Is it fear or awareness that keeps me alive?
maybe I should just be a little more kind

I think a plague is gonna kill me cause my body cannot fight off all the bugs that are in me
we all know I’m pretty good at getting sick

Maybe I’ll continue to age and the reaper keeps a distance until I am old one day
but I’m not sure that I’d honestly prefer that
Its not a matter-of-fact, but rather something to look at
Track Name: Scene 48
Scene 48

Sometimes I think that I can do anything
But then I sit down and I qualitatively analyze my acute sense of awareness for my environmental surroundings
And I realize I’m not as cool as my doctor prescribes

I’d like to think that I’m worthy of your attention but I haven’t earned much of anything
Every evening I crawl in bed and in my head I question the words spoken to me
Maybe 5 years isn’t too much to ask, how old I act isn’t enough for you to take me seriously?
All the knots wedged into my spine keep me in line a little pain never hurt anybody

I like to walk standing pretty tall but I’m going to fall if my eyes leave the ground in front of me
Its pretty easy to slip on some ice and it isn’t nice to fall down hard on Milwaukee
Cap it off and take the loss, a good captain goes down with his ship and a saw in hand
Carpentry was never much of his thing but if he wanted to live, this was his last chance.
Track Name: Shoulder It
Shoulder It

I can’t say I was strong before I met you
I can’t say that I stood very tall
I’m not sure if you exactly gave me the courage
But you picked me up when I didn’t know I was about to fall

You drove out all my tendencies and contents
Said goodbye to my shell for once and for all
You drove me to abandon the temporary but I didn’t know that you wouldn’t always be here to watch me finish it off

And let me tell you that I am thankful for it every day
It may be over now, but to hell cause its not too late
You had your place here but now I’m stuck carrying all the weight
But its alright, cause you taught me to shoulder it
Track Name: Passion Fruit Tea
Passion Fruit Tea

I may not have a job but I have something that is much more valuable than this
I may have a couple friends, well I’ll be damned if I didn’t
Oh me! Owe me! Everybody owns me, a price too steep for my account to pay
I’ll keep drinking passion tea to just get the taste of it

Stings and bites are contagious and I might just try to keep them to myself
Bees and dogs are as harmless as the frogs in your basement
Tell that guy that I’m sorry that I lied to you and made everyone upset again
I’ll keep up with the reporting on all these events
Track Name: Truck Stop Casino
Truck Stop Casino

I tried to explain myself and not rely on this reoccurring plot
Maybe I will just admit I’m an asshole
The soles of my shoes are wearing thin
I find myself pulling too much at my skin
I will just be young with a face full of wrinkles

Maybe I don’t sleep enough well jesus christ who am I kidding?

On the corner of despair and prosperity
Too many times the sidewalk ahead of me is covered in gum and subverted disaster
Foreign tongues are all that society use to speak when they’re whispering behind me
Talking in some strange unknown vernacular

Maybe I don’t read enough well jesus christ who am I kidding?

Maybe I should just shut up and try to keep my eyes ahead of me
Track Name: Are You My Mother?
Are You My Mother?

I have Cheez-Itz stuck in my teeth and I haven’t seen the light of day for like 24 hours but I didn’t think this is how my life would be
I watched an episode of Dateline where they told the story of a lonely and malicious guy and he killed 3 members of his own family
I don’t think they were expecting anything
He was a scholarly student and went to church every week

Its hard to tell the truth but I won’t lie, this is the hardest part of being alive
They turned off all the lights because the bill wasn’t paid on time and we all know that this rotting corpse has died

And a soul cries out into the night
Have you seen my mother?
And a soul cries out into the night
Have you seen my mother?

And I wrote while on my knees
A confession to the gods about why I can’t seem to eat
And I found familiarity
In the words and phrases that had once been spoken to me
“Go get em kid, you’ve got all you need
Go take the world by storm and leave your mark on everything”
But I sat
And went back to sleep
And couldn’t get up in the morning
This is not news to me

And maybe I should just be a little more kind
Track Name: Take Your Vitamins
Take Your Vitamins

For once in my life I try to not overemphasize this situation of who I am and who I want to be
Draw the line and realize that things are not cut with precision
I’m probably never gonna be happy

Spit stuck in my throat
Blocking everything that I speak
This isn’t exactly how I wanted it to be but I can’t breathe

Sure I might complain about the cold and frigid weather but I won’t move south for that I can guarantee
Get my mind on something else
Just any goddamn thing keeps me from analyzing down to the fucking “t”
Track Name: Grand Am
Grand Am

I jumped in the car on my way to the city
It wasn’t very far but the whole ride there was shitty

And you didn’t care to learn my name
And I swear you’re really not the same

I walked past the bar just to keep myself dizzy
Laying in the dark will do anything but keep me sleeping

I swear, maybe I’m to blame
Track Name: The Big Boom
The Big Boom

Try your best
It won’t make the outcome different
Grow up right
I will still point out the difference

Television will rot my brain
I’m too dumb to value my name

Woahhh, I am better than you know
Woahhh, better than you know

Eat your mall
Consumerism is just ignorance
Why don’t you pay off that college interest

Cause I like my brands and my fame
And my bank account is lower than I claim
Track Name: Jericho

I brush my teeth to get started with my day
I didn’t last night because I couldn’t obtain the energy or desire to even move
I slept in my clothes and didn’t charge up my phone, this is the only way that I know how to cope
So I was tucked in fast asleep before 9:30

Where did you go?
Where did you go?

Call it a bad attitude, Im just a helpless affair
I’m pretty sure that I’ll never be able to bare the task of not shutting down when in review
The pinnacle eye feels like its bleeding inside
I’ve walked these walls relentlessly
And I’ll keep trudging along waiting for them to just fall
Maybe this is a battle I’ll just keep losing
Track Name: Seams

This is not what I read
Just gripping by my toes and trying very hard not to worry

Isn’t it fair to warn everyone around me?
Trying to breathe but the oxygen is tearing at the seams
I should just know that everyone is out to get me

Painted on a spreadsheet
Counting all the days I chose stability over my needs

Realizing I rely on this much coffee daily
Being aware is far worse than not ever knowing
My mental frame says to not give me any pity
I’d rather nobody know that this is who has become me

Walking is hard when I’ve over exerted my bad knees
Sun poisoning on my skin is not what I need
At the end of the day maybe its cancer thats gonna kill me

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